The method of development provided by the Art Center is based on the teachings of the Beppe Ascenza School, located in Dornarch,  Switzerland, where they follow and practice the  Anthroposophy principals. Its artistic orientation has its roots and fundaments in Goethe’s Theory of Colors and Steiner’s theoretical and practical art work.  The school works with the idea of building a way to artistic development. This has been the place where I have chosen to graduate in painting, drawing and composition.




The first stage of this method consists in working with Goethe’s study of color phenomena. The painting technique pays special attention to the use of the primary and secondary colors, complement colors, and a combination of characteristic and non characteristic colors. At the end of this stage we work with Goethe’s Color Circle which is an overview of all the previous perceptions when we have experienced “qualities” emanating from colors, its movements and form.


On the second stage we work with the Image Colors (green, black, white and peach blossom) and Bright Colors (blue, red and yellow). It is at this stage that we go deeper on Steiner’s Theory of Colors and Composition. The Image Colors and Bright Colors are the very essence that forms the realms of life, soul, spirit and death.


After the process has reached this stage, we start working with Pigments on Canvas, here we make abundant use of pigments and different sorts of natural material. Artistic colors are not dead materials, but instead, they are active materials that allow the “quality” to appear.




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