Cecilia Thibes was born in Parana, South of Brazil. Art manifestations have always been a part of her life. Since Cecilia Thibes earliest memories, she felt challenged to grasp the essence of art and its various possibilities. Something that absorbed her inner self and engaged her on a long intellectual and practical research. In 1986, the artist chose to study Anthroposophy at the Studiumjahr Goetheanum Institute, in Dornach, Switzerland, which would impact and influence her carreer for many years into the future. After living for a time in Europe, Thibes went back to Brazil and participated in two advanced training programs within the Athroposophical Artistic field. One of the paths that caught her interest and later became part of her soul and career was Artistic Therapy, at the Artistic Therapy Program at Paulus Center and the other was painting, drawing and composition, at the Art Center, both In São Paulo. Because of all her deep life experiences with art connection, her atelier has been an active space for work as an Art Therapist, Art Teacher and Painter. It is also a place where the artist has a permanent collection of her art work.

Economics at Candido Mendes University

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Artistic therapy and Fine Arts - Painting, drawing and composition

São Paulo – Brazil

Studiumjar, Goetheanum Institute

Dornarch – Switzerland

Extra lesson teacher

California – Usa

Art Therapy at Candido Mendes University

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Drawing with the right side of the brain

Professor Dalton de Oliveria - São Paulo, Brazil

Waldorf Art Curriculun

Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School - São Paulo, Brazil

Watercolor Painting, Atelier Practice

Professors Beatrice Kron & Cristina Kuhn - São Paulo, Brazil

Diagnosis in Art Therapy

Professor Mariane Altemeyer - São Paulo, Brazil

Therapeutic Modeling

Professor Hausler - São Paulo, Brazil

Art & Psychiatry

Professor Treichler - São Paulo, Brazil

Modern Art

Professor Gian Algarotti - São Paulo, Brazil

Goethe’s Color Theory

Professor Goebels - São Paulo, Brazil

Painting techniques and materials

Parque Lage - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Goethe observation

Dennis Klocek - São Paulo, Brazil

Visual Thinking Strategies

Lowe Art Museum - Miami – Florida – US

Color theory, figure drawing one/two and still life

Atelier for Production, Art Classes, Artistic Therapy and Permanent Exposition – Since 1991

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil & Miami - Florida – US

Artistic Therapy – Community Work

Art Therapy Practice at the Brazilian “Favela Monte Azul”

Artistic Therapy

Artistic Therapy Training at Thobias Clinic

Artistic Therapy

Hospital Santa Casa de Misericordia (Homeopatic Center)

Extra lesson

Art and extra lesson teacher at waldorf inspired waldorf school - Miami

Seminar & Workshops Participation

As a lecturer on several Anthroposophical Seminars and Workshops


Co founder Atelier without Borders


Cecília Thibes